• "iUnited Comm - Your reliable partner for budget-friendly IS solutions."

  • "iUnited Comm - Your reliable partner for budget-friendly IS solutions."

  • "iUnited Comm - Your reliable partner for budget-friendly IS solutions."


Welcome to iUnited Comm – the leader in IS Solutions for Small to Medium Scale Enterprises in the United States.

Reliable, affordable and always within reach – iUnited Comm thrives on challenges and brings a wide variety of solutions for all your IS needs. Most companies focus on IT solutions rather than IS solutions. While others develop products to sell to you, we improve the existing systems that you have developed!



Experienced information systems consultants are often difficult to find and expensive to retain. iUC's consultants can provide advice on a wide range of IS issues and are trained to provide a rapid and optimal response. Contact us today and find out how we can successfully eradicate your IS headaches.

Project Managers

iUC can provide an experienced project management resource to ensure your IT solutions are delivered professionally, on time and within budget. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements and find the ideal consultant to help deliver and implement your IT solution.

Business Analysts

Hire iUC to evaluate and review your business processes, plus any other data processing issues which may be negatively impacting the performance of your business. Our Business Analysts will analyze your user requirements and existing procedures and identify how best to automate or improve your current systems.

BI Specialists

Our Business Intelligence (BI) Analysts have the experience you need to identify data patterns and trends that can boost your company performance. We can generate custom reports and dashboards based on your key performance indicators (KPIs), and help you implement the necessary steps to achieve your strategic goals.



Our Information Systems consultants analyze, design, and develop systems that consist of people, processes, machines and information technology. They define a set of coordinated network of components, which act together towards producing, distributing and/or processing information. They can be divided process into two categories: operational support systems and management support systems.

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Project Management

No project is beyond the scope of iUC, whether you operate an SME or a multinational corporation. When it comes to project management in IT-oriented businesses, the workflow efficiency of your Information Systems will have a profound impact on its success. Let us help you streamline project management and scale your operations through integrated information systems.Our project managers make sure that all

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Business Analysis

Analysis and performance reviews are a fundamental aspect of the business lifecycle. Let us help you assess your business performance and efficiency in regards to the systems and solutions you implement in your organization. Through our business analytics report, we can help you realize how to boost operational efficiency and further reduce costs without compromising quality of your products and services.

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Business Intelligence

BI Analytics are just what you need to boost your company’s performance. With the right knowledge and tools, our BI Analysts keep a track on all your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and generate customized dashboards to monitor and evaluate both employee performance and achievement of the company’s strategic goals. Contact us today to learn more about our dashboards, portals and strategic

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Dion S Baccus
IS Consultant

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